Here’s what happy Sinol customers have to say

“This study (Sinol Clinical Trial) represents the first-ever capsaicin-based treatment for allergic rhinitis to be supported by prospective clinical data, and has important implications for millions of Americans who suffer from nasal allergies. This all-natural product has now been demonstrated to provide clinical effectiveness without any of the side effects associated with intra-nasal steroids and is available without a prescription.”

– Dr. Michael A. Kaliner, of the Institute of Asthma and Allergy, Wheaton , Maryland

“Dear Sinol producers,
I want to take time to write you and express my deep gratitude to your company for making your Sinol product. I suffered with sinus headaches and infections all my life. I tried all different nasal sprays, over the counter drugs, prescription medication but none of them worked. I found Sinol and started using it many many years ago. If not for your product I would not be able to do 80% of the outdoor activities that I enjoy now. Thank you! thank you! for your product you are truly appreciated.”

-Tracy Clark

“I suffered from chronic headaches — diagnosed by the New England Center for Headache, Stamford , CT , as combined tension/migraine/rebound — for decades. I self-treated with Excedrin and, for 10 years after diagnosis, with prescribed Fioricet and Fioricet with codeine, if needed. Numerous preventive drugs either didn’t work or caused unacceptable side effects. There was no end in sight. Then, my doctor at the Center, Dr. Alan Rapoport, who had done research on capsaicin as a preventive for cluster headaches, tried me on a sample of Sinol spray, based on capsaicin. It was miraculous. Within 3 months, I was off all meds and was using Sinol only occasionally; within 6 months, I was off Sinol too. I still keep it around for the rare occasion when, e.g., wine or oriental spicy food might trigger a mild headache, but my headaches have now been essentially gone for several years. Based on my experience, Sinol nasal spray is something that should be brought to the attention of your readers, especially for breaking the rebound effect. It is available over the Internet at www.sinolusa.com and at several retail establishments.”

– Thank you Jean Mauro

“Sinol is a remarkable product and we have had very good success with our headache patients…”

– Dr. Dan Junker, Fort Collins, CO

“I am an ENT doctor who has been recommending your product to numerous patients. In addition, I lecture frequently to other physicians and have mentioned your product”

– Hunter Hoover, MD Raleigh, North Carolina

“I have suffered from allergies and asthma for 40 years. I have tried allergy shots and just about every prescription and non-prescription option available on the market past and present. In my opinion Sinol has proven to be the most effective remedy I have ever used. I was particularly impressed at how it worked during peak ragweed season. I recently enjoyed the best August and September season I can remember thanks to your product. I have also saved a lot of money by not having to refill my costly prescriptions that just did not work for me. I have been so satisfied with your product I have recommended it to friends and family and they have experienced very positive results as well. Thanks Sinol.”

– Cliff, Upstate NY

“I am a 52 year old woman has been suffering from migraines for 25 years. I have been looking at different clinical studies surrounding migraine headaches and came across a study completed by the New England Center for Headaches. They had used “capsaicin” (the extract from peppers) to relieve headaches on migraine patients. I then “Googled” capsaicin and there Sinol was just waiting for me. Your product is a miracle. When I feel a headache coming on I use your nasal spray and my headaches have subsided. I now use your product daily and my migraines have basically vanished. I have told everyone I know about your wonderful product, thank you so much.”

– Emily, Chicago, IL

“Just a quick note to let you know your Sinol is amazing. I received it last month and must say I was skeptical. After years of headache problems and various medications you have put a spark back into my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Patricia, San Francisco, CA

“Dear Sinol Customer Service, I use to get severe migraine headaches. Your product was first introduced to me last summer by a friend who has horrible allergies and continually boasts about Sinol. While we were on vacation with our families one of my headaches began. My friend pulled out the Sinol and I actually refused it. The thought of putting pepper up my nose to stop a headache seemed ridiculous and a bit frightening. As the pain increased I asked her for the bottle and sprayed it deep into each nostril. Let me first say, that I am generally a person that is not sold easily since I grew up in Brooklyn and when my headache went away in a matter of minutes I believed it was some other force that made the pain disappear. Weeks later I called my friend, got your web address and ordered your Sinol Headache nasal spray. I have ordered, as you know, 6 times in the last 8 months and if I didn’t experience the magic myself I wouldn’t believe it. Remarkable product with remarkable results.”

– Jean Stein, Rhode Island

“Hi, I work at the answering service and I would like to tell you that your product is AMAZING!!! I had the worst headache yesterday when I got to work, and Ilene was showing the other girls Sinol. So I told her that I had a headache so she told me to try your product and I did. I could feel it working immediately and after 10 minutes my headache was gone. Then today I took it to school to do a report on it. In the middle of telling my class about Sinol I was interrupted and was asked if they can use it so they did and it took their sinus problem away. They asked where they can buy it and how much it costs, I was sold and all my classmates that tried it are sold. I just wanted to let you know that your product is great and I will be purchasing it when I can. Thanks.”

– Elyse Harris (with the answering service) Salt Lake City, UT

“I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection for over a week with not much relief. I used Sinol for a few days and the sinus infection cleared up. I have even used it for my migraines… This stuff works great! Thank you so much”

– Charlotte, Middlebury, CT

“I have suffered from migraine headaches and sinus headaches for the past 23 years. I have used a number of pain killers – prescriptions and over the counter medications. Nothing compares to Sinol. There are no side effects or drowsiness. It works instantly. It has helped my headaches tremendously. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

– June Appelaniz, Bethel, CT

“I’m Allergic to everything. I have spent most of my life with a stuffed-up head. I have tried all kinds of remedies and had basically given up hope of ever finding something to relieve the pressure in my head. Then a friend told me about Sinol. For the first time in my life I feel relief… I can breath… I can smell. Thank you so much for a product that really works.”

– Charlie, Plymouth, VT

“I am a 35 year old woman and have suffered from allergies and sinus issues my whole entire life. I have used prescriptions prescribed by physicians and have tried every over the counter medicine available for allergies. I was to the point were I was taking allergy medicine on a daily basis with very little relief. Then I came across the Sinol website and ordered a bottle. The day I received the product I had a very severe sinus headache. I used Sinol and I was AMAZED! My sinus headache went away instantly! I will never by another product again. I’ve used Sinol everyday since and not only have I found relief but I saved a ton of money. This is a wonderful product!”

– Caley Jamesson, IA

“I spent 14 months in Iraq as a civilian and returned for Christmas. The dry heat from being over there just about ruined my sinuses and sense of smell. The inside of my nose was cracked and raw and I was so congested I spoke differently. I purchased your Sinol from the drug store and use it about 3 to 4 times a day. My nasal passages are clear and I am back to normal. Just wanted you to know and thank you for the extra bottles. I sent them out to my colleagues in Iraq last week.”

– Anthony C, New Jersey

“Hello Paul. You gave me a sample of the Sinol Headache at the show, I wanted try it on my 13 year old son, who often gets migraine/cluster headaches. So, last weekend he started feeling one coming on and he tried it. About one minute later he says, ” my headache is gone”, and went on his busy way. So, if you need a testimonial feel free to use this, I am bringing the products into my store. Thanks. Susie”

– Susie Montgomery, Nutrition Supervisor/Buyer, Mustard Seed Market & Cafe

“3 days with Sinus Headache, used Sinol and headache was instantly gone.”

– Jack Turner, Indiana

“I am a registered pharmacist from South Carolina and have struggled with allergies, asthma and sinusitis since childhood. Two years ago, I ran out of conventional options to treat my sinusitis. That year I had two sinus surgeries, and only grew worse, and was on antibiotics almost continually. My allergist didn’t want me to take more antibiotics because I was already allergic to four classes of antibiotics and he feared I would become allergic to more – and I agreed. The antibiotic route didn’t seem to promise a long-term solution. In fact, I believe being on so many antibiotics may have contributed to my chronic miserable condition by creating resistance. My ENT said I should be happy that sometimes my sinuses were clear, he has lots of patients whose sinuses never clear up. Great! I tried allergy shots but couldn’t tolerate them. My out of pocket cost was well over $5000 that year for all the surgeries, prescriptions, CT scans, allergy testing, allergy serum, and shots. And I was WORSE by the end of 8 months than I had been before all of those treatments. I was also beginning to suspect that my antihistamine prescription and steroid nasal sprays may actually be making things worse instead of better. I think the antihistamine made the mucus thicker, creating more pressure and I was concerned that the steroid nasal sprays may be aiding the infection by possibly suppressing my immune system in my nasal passages. My allergist disagreed with my theories and insisted I could never come off of these meds. At minimum, my prescriptions did not seem to be helping much. That’s when I began a determined search for alternatives to treat my allergies and sinusitis.

This spring I tried Sinol and was amazed at my results. Sinol controls all of my nasal allergy symptoms: the post nasal drip, the itching, the pressure, the sneezing, the headaches and the congestion. And with the drainage being so significantly reduced, I can actually sleep all night! Insomnia was one of the worst aspects of chronic sinusitis to me. I don’t have to take diphenhydramine to help me sleep at night anymore! Sinol also has drastically reduced the symptoms of my four year old extremely antibiotic-resistant bacterial sinus infection. I am still using sinus irrigation 3 times a day, several Chinese herbs as well as intranasal applications of colloidal silver in addition to the capsaicin based nasal spray and this combination has kept my infection under control and almost made it imperceptible. I also use acupuncture when symptoms start to really flare up, and the acupuncture immediately reduces inflammation and allows my sinuses to drain. I am not taking my prescription steroid nasal sprays or my antihistamine/decongestant medications at all and it is the height of the worst allergy time of the year for me. In the past, when I tried not to use my prescriptions, I would literally sneeze up to 100 times a day if I was outside at this time of year, and they were not graceful little sneezes, I had to carry a huge box of tissues with me just to last one day. Now, I go outside for hours with my little boy and most days I don’t sneeze at all, some days I sneeze once, and it is a dainty sneeze! Earlier this year I had used another capsacian based nasal spray with great results, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Sinol is MUCH less painful to use. And, as a pharmacist, I like the delivery system much better with Sinol. Sinol’s spray bottle forms a finer mist and doesn’t run back down the nostrils or down the throat. I can even spray Sinol and immediately lie down in bed without gagging on a flood of stinging liquid running down my throat. I wish that Sinol was already available in retail pharmacies so that I could just run to the shelf and grab a bottle for all my suffering patients with allergies, sinusitis and migraines. I have given out bottles of Sinol to all my coworkers with migraines and family members with allergies and sinus problems and have heard such great reviews I’ve thought about quitting my job and opening a Sinol stand on the side of the road! Sincerely and with deepest gratitude”

– A.T.C. R.Ph.,South Carolina

“My Headaches are gone! Thank you so much”

– Jean Burns

“Sinol Really Works!”

– New York Allergy & Sinus Center

“I have been having great success with Sinol. Patients have called asking for Sinol and I direct them to your toll free number. Thanks.”

-Dr. Laura Rogers, Allergist


Warning: Not recommended for children under 12. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask a healthcare professional before use.