6 Ways to Decongest Sinuses Quickly

We can all agree that having a stuffed-up nose is the worst. On even the most beautiful of spring days, nasal allergies bring the drip and squeeze that seriously rain on our parade.

Written By Paul Carpenter

On October 13, 2019




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We can all agree that having a stuffed-up nose is the worst. On even the most beautiful of spring days, nasal allergies bring the drip and squeeze that seriously rain on our parade. In the winter, holiday cheer fills the air—at least, you think—but you sure can’t smell it as you sneeze through another December cold.

You don’t have to be tormented by your nasal woes. There are remedies out there that can clear those clogs and bring you sinus congestion relief quickly.

1. Get your hydration on.

It seems like no matter the ailment, doctors recommend you knock back a few extra glasses of clear fluids. While it’s easy to brush off this advice, extra hydrating fluids like water or electrolyte-packed sports drinks can work wonders on a clogged nose. Why? Most sinus clogging is caused by thick mucus and inflamed nasal passages.

As you hydrate yourself, the mucus in your nose will thin out and lessen, which will ease the sinus pressure you’re experiencing.

2. Enjoy some steam.

Whether you opt to put your head over a pot of boiling water, run a humidifier, or just take a relaxing shower or bath, steam can loosen up the congestion in your nose in no time. The raised humidity loosens the thick mucus in your nose and helps calm the inflammation. It’ll also work wonders for your pores; win-win!

3. Elevate yourself.

Laying down with a runny nose is a terrible feeling—it almost feels like you’re drowning. If you’re laying down for the night and you’re suffering from sinus drainage, you can decongest while you rest. Prop your upper body up on several pillows and let gravity work its magic. Your sinuses will drain while you partake in some much-needed sleep.

4. Spice up your mouth.

Spicy food can get that nose running. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in many spicy foods, is an all-natural sinus decongestant. It works by helping your nasal passages to drain and also assists with pain relief. So, enjoy some spicy cuisine and get to breathing clearly again.

If you don’t enjoy hot foods or just don’t have time to get down to your local Korean joint, try all-natural capsaicin nasal sprays like Sinol.

5. Rinse out your nasal passages.

A nasal rinse can help moisturize your dry sinus passages and remove the dirt, pollen, dust, and the dried or thickened mucus lining them. You can use a simple nose bulb or a specially-designed product like a Netipot to deliver a saline rinse to your nose as you lean over a sink.

Before you try a nasal rinse, remember to either purchase saline for this purpose or, if you create your own, to only use distilled or pre-boiled water. Tap water has not been treated for sinus use and can lead to some serious infections.

6. Massage it out.

You know that multi-speed shoulder massager you have? No? Well, an electric toothbrush can sometimes do the trick as well. Cover your massager or the non-brushing end of your toothbrush in a soft cloth and turn it on. Massage below your ear, near your jaw, then work your way down below your ear. Next, massage the central area of your sinuses along your forehead and cheeks, while keeping a safe distance from your eyes.

Work your way around your face slowly, coercing the mucus out. Give your nose a good blow or clear out your sinuses with a rinse to complete the process.

No one enjoys feeling like they have a plug up their nose and a bowling ball smashing their face. Sinus pain can really put a damper on your entire day. With these quick remedies, you’ll find nose congestion relief in no time.


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