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4 Tips and Tricks for Natural Sinus Allergy Relief

Sometimes the battle with sinus allergies seems endless. Day after day, the suffering brought on by the squeezing pressure in your face, and the constant stream of snot dripping from your nose is enough to drive a person a little crazy.

Sure, you could go to the drug store and grab the first box of random sinus relief medicine you see. Unfortunately, those medicines often come with undesirable side effects or fail to work altogether.

There’s a lot of natural remedies for sinus problems out there. Let’s find some relief.

Eucalyptus Oil and Steam

Conventional wisdom suggests taking a hot bath or putting a towel over your face while letting steam rise in the shower can help break up the congestion in your sinuses and open up your nasal passages. Simple, plain steam can work alright, but you can power up its potential with some eucalyptus oil.

Add a three to seven drops of eucalyptus oil to a large, steaming hot bowl of water and place your head over it with your eyes firmly closed. Take slow, deep breaths for no longer than two minutes.

If a bath sounds more relaxing, you can also add several drops of eucalyptus oil to your piping hot bath water. 

Warm compress

Sinus pain can disrupt your day. It’s hard to think when it feels like your face is being squeezed from the inside out. This pressure can lead to intense headaches and pain around your eyes and upper jaw. Two different problems cause this sinus pressure—either your sinuses are full of excess mucus, or your nasal passages are swollen. Sometimes both are the culprit.

To reduce the inflammation in your nasal passages, try alternating between a hot and cold compress across your sinus. Lay a warm washcloth on your face for two or three minutes, then switch to a cold cloth for about thirty seconds. Continue this process two or three more times, several times per day for natural sinus relief.

Nasal Rinse

Sometimes things won’t move along in your sinuses because the mucus has thickened or hardened. Also, trapped within your passages can be the dust and pollen that you are allergic to, which keeps your allergy symptoms going strong.

To perform a nasal rinse, start by boiling tap water for five minutes and let it cool until it is comfortably warm. This will ensure that it’s safe and bacteria-free for your nasal passages. Add in 1/2 teaspoon of salt with no iodine or preservatives and ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

You can deliver the saline to your sinuses by leaning over a sink and using a sinus bulb or a specially-made product like a Netipot.


You know how when you eat spicy food, your nose starts running? Capsaicin is a compound found in foods that not only causes the heat but also dilates your sinus blood vessels and stimulates your mucus production. Capsaicin can really get a stopped up nose running again, which is why so many people seek out that spicy heat when they’re sick.

But, if you don’t like spicy food or if you want a concentrated, easy dosage that can be taken on the go, there’s an easier way to harness the power of capsaicin for nasal congestion relief.

Sinol is homeopathic sinus treatment that fits comfortably in your purse or pocket and avoids the troublesome side effects of many drug store sprays. It uses capsaicin as the active ingredient and provides instant sinus pressure relief. 

There are many natural ways to treat sinus pain and pressure without resorting to risky self-medication. While many of the home remedies involve quiet moments of steam, heat, and relaxation, sometimes our busy lives just can’t accommodate that.

If you’re struggling with sinus pain or pressure from your allergies, try Sinol for natural sinus congestion relief even while you’re on the go.