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How to Naturally Eliminate the Fungus that Causes Sinus Pain

There’s almost nothing more miserable than a sinus headache. The congestion, the pressure, and the pain make you feel as if your head is stuffed with cotton and that you are swimming underwater.

When you have a sinus infection, your mucous membranes swell and the tiny hairs in your sinuses, which usually help keep your air passages clear, stop moving smoothly. Your body reacts, creating more mucus than usual to try and move the bacteria or other irritants out of your body. This mucus gets trapped in your sinuses.

The Case Against Antibiotics

Your inclination may be to seek an antibiotic for your clogged sinuses. Experts have found, however, that many chronic sinus infections aren’t caused by bacteria, they are caused by a fungus that grows in those clogged and moist passages.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic published a study in 1999 that actually showed how taking antibiotics or steroids then kills the body’s natural weapons against fungi, and makes it easier for the fungus to grow. This creates what the doctors termed “fungal sensitized” sinus areas, leading to chronic sinus problems for many patients. 

This information, of course, should be understood in addition to the many other arguments about the overuse of antibiotics in our society (such as the creation of resistant bacteria), and the risks we all take to many parts of our internal flora when we take antibiotics. Antibiotics are a useful tool for doctors but should be used sparingly, and only in very specific cases.

How to Fight the Fungus

So what is the best way to fight the sinus pressure and sinus congestion that causes so much sinus pain? Well, we’d like to recommend that you fight the fungus that is the cause of the problem in a natural way that works with your body.  You can do this in several key ways:


  • Fungi feed on grains and sugar, so reduce or eliminate your intake of these. 
  • Increase your consumption of high-quality fish oil on a daily basis to supply your body with omega-3 fats. Cod liver oil is a good source. Beware of supplements, which often do not have the DHA and EPA that you need. 
  • Consuming more coconut oil or coconut is also a good idea as it contains lauric acid, which has antifungal proper
  • Seek to avoid mycotoxins. Mycotoxins, found in food molds, are recognized by the World Health Organization as a serious threat to health. The WHO recommends that you visually inspect all food rigorously for any evidence of mold before consuming. This is especially true as we move toward organic produce that has a shorter shelf life. Whole grains (especially corn, sorghum, wheat, rice), dried figs and nuts such as peanuts, pistachio, almond, walnut, coconut, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts are among the most likely to be contaminated with the most dangerous mycotoxins.


  • Exercise regularly, get air flowing through your sinuses as much as possible, to clean the mucus and ease its way through.

Natural Home Care

  • Start a course of saline rinse therapy or Neti Pot therapy. This procedure uses purified water and salt to wash both mucus and fungi out of your sinuses. Be very careful, however, to follow scrupulous hygiene and sterility procedures in this to avoid re-infecting your sinuses. 

If you’re suffering from sinus pressure, sinus congestion and sinus pain, these solutions should help you find relief from issues quickly and naturally. These tools will set you on a healthier path overall and help you live (and breathe) more easily.

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