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Sinus infections

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Leading allergists, ENT’s and primary care physicians are recommending Sinol-M Nasal Sprays!

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Unique Formulas


​Sinol USA, Inc is changing the way consumers think about health care today with our unique formulas of Sinol branded, clean and natural nasal spray products. Sinol is a high growth over the counter healthcare company deeply engaged in the development and marketing of products that utilize old fashioned methods to relieve even the most severe cases and types of headaches, chronic sinus problems, sinusitis and allergies, using the cleanest and most natural ingredients available to deliver pain relief in minutes. Sinol can be purchased directly online or by visiting one of our retailers.

Doctor Recommended, Patient Tested

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

“For many years I have suffered from almost daily headaches that would lead to migraines if I didn’t promptly take Fioricet or Excedrin. Two months ago, Dr. Alan Rapoport (New England Center for Headache) gave me two sample canisters of Sinol to try out. Since then I have succeeded in heading off numerous headaches. In June, my headache frequency was down to 2 for the whole month (from the typical 12-15). “

Jean Mauro

“We are a natural health clinic and have been serving clients for the past 12 years. Both the Headache Relief and Sinus/Allergy Relief products are producing excellent results, with the most gratifying response coming from our patients who suffered for years with migraines. They report that when they feel a migraine coming on, they immediately use their Sinol and the headache subsides.”

Cynthia Black, R.N.

Owner, Life Clinic, Provo UT

“I LOVE Sinol!! This spray has completely changed my life. My allergist first introduced me to it. I use it routinely once in the morning and once before going to bed to keep my sinuses clear and healthy. There is no rebound effect like with sprays such as Afrin and no medicines really. Within 2 months of starting to use Sinol, I was off all prescription allergy meds.”

Patricia Key